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Home school fitness


What is Home School Fitness?

Home School Fitness is a convenient and effecient approach to exercise and nutrition. It is a completely online and mobile program that offers members the versatility they need today.  


HOW DOES IT WORK? The world of fitness is complicated, that's why we keep it simple. We design & post workout demonstration videos each day. There are variations of each workout that adapt to your ability level and the resources you have available. Want to work out at home? Already have a gym membership and need someone to design your program for you?  Through our online member portal you have access to countless workouts, programs, and opportunities to develop your skills. 


 You become a part of an online community that will keep you motivated and having fun while on your wellness journey.


WHY DOES IT WORK? When it comes to general fitness we think the whole thing can be simplified. Proper guidance in nutrition & exercise is the foundation of lasting success. We've worked hard to simplify the process and break it down for you into effective and palatable ways.  With nutritional guidance and a vast workout database you're able to find a program that works perfectly for you.  



 the reasons why people love it 


  • Daily guidance to optimize your fitness & your health. 

  • An online community that encourages accountability and camaraderie.

  • Heal and develop your body through proper exercise and nutrition.

  • Versatility and Convenience

  • You progress at your own pace, while being motivated efficiently

  • Learn new movements and forms of exercise that keep you interested.    

  • Invest in your health & fitness, invest in your legacy. We only charge $21.00/ month






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