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"HEALTH" is at the foundation of everything we experience. Sometimes we don't have complete control over our health, most times we simply fall short of doing what we know we should. 

Creating customized exercise and nutrition plans that fit your life is the basis of our work. Whether you need a trainer in your home, in the local gym, or online, we are here to help you reach your goals and instill lasting results. 

What we can impart to you is OUR legacy, what's yours?




Erin has enjoyed living an active lifestyle since a young age. Being involved in gymnastics, swimming, weightlifting, and recreational sports has increased her appreciation for the body and its capabilities. Erin has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology, and for the last 7 years has been designing and running wellness programs, personal training, and coaching anything fitness;  from olympic lifting and CrossFit to water aerobics.


Erin uses her knowledge of the body and its mechanics to help people appreciate their bodies and learn to live a healthy and active lifestyle. She is experienced in various fitness modalities and can modify any workout to fit the individuals need. Her greatest joy comes from seeing those she teaches have their breakthrough moments where they face their fears, and achieve goals they never dreamed they would.


Austin has been an inquisitive student of human movement since his earliest experiences in sports & education. His fervor has only grown over the years and those closest to him accuse him of "nerding out" too much.​ He doesn't care though. Austin continually seeks to refine his passion into skills that help others become their best self. That is what he really cares about. Well, that and food.

Over the last decade Austin has expanded his abilities as a personal trainer & coach and has the opportunity to manage gyms, and develop a wide variety of health programs that benefited hundreds of people, clients, and athletes. Along the way he obtained a Bachelors degree in Exercise Physiology, a minor in nutrition, and has accrued various training and coaching certifications.

​Austin’s passion is truly for the individual and their personal betterment. His keen ability to take people as they are and give them the tools they need to build upon their physical, mental, and emotional health makes him an unparalleled advocate of personal health and fitness. Austin is equipped with the knowledge and compassion to work with anyone at any level in their fitness journey. 

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